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Gummy have been a popular sweet treat for many generations, and they are loved by people of all ages. Over the years, gummy have evolved in terms of their flavors, shapes, and packaging. Packaging plays an important role in making the product appealing to the consumer, as it not only provides protection but also serves as a branding tool.


Manufacturers have various packaging options when it comes to gummy. Some of the common packaging ideas include pouches, jars, and bags. Each packaging option has its unique benefits, depending on the type of gummy candies and target market. For example, pouches are suitable for on-the-go snacking, while jars are ideal for home use.

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Commonly used gummy packaging ideas are bagged and bottled.

Bagged gummy packaging is a popular choice for many manufacturers. This type of packaging is cost-effective, and it provides an excellent way to display the product. The bags used for gummy  are made from food-grade materials that are safe for human consumption. The bags come in different sizes and can hold a variety of gummy shapes and flavors.


Bottled gummy packaging is another popular choice for manufacturers. This type of packaging is ideal for products that need extra protection or have a longer shelf life. The bottles used for gummy are made from food-grade plastic materials or glass that are safe for human consumption. One of the advantages of bottled gummy packaging is that it is easy to transport and store. 

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United States Gummy Bear Filling Solution

The gummy bear filling solution customized for the United States customers is used to mix different colored gummy and fill them into bottles by weighing.

Germany Customer Ordered Gummies Packaging Machine

The gummies packaging machine ordered by a German customer is to weigh the gummy and pack it into a zipper pouch. The advantage of this pouch is that it can be sealed again after eating.

United Kingdom Small Packet Gummy Packing

The gummy candy packaging machine purchased by the United Kingdom customer is used for small packet packaging, about 20 grams, easy to carry

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