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For Coffee Packing · Strength

A beautiful, suitable and convenient packaging is very important for the sale of coffee. It can not only help manufacturers improve product value, but also attract more customers.


Proper packaging protects coffee from:

1. Environment: the coffee will go bad if it comes into contact with air

2. Oxygen: because it oxidizes aroma components, especially fats, resulting in a rancid taste.

3. Temperature: Freshly ground coffee quickly absorbs moisture from the air, adding weight and reducing the effectiveness of extracting coffee ingredients.

Application · Professional

There are many ways to sell coffee in the market, usually sold in small unit packages, the common packaging methods are drip coffee bag, coffee stick pack, coffee can.

Customer case · Trust

Saudi Arabia Drip Coffee Bag Packing Solution

The drip coffee bag packaging solution customized for Saudi Arabian customers includes the production of inner bags and outer bags, which are easy to use and carry, and can better retain the aroma of coffee.

American Canned Coffee Line

The American customer asked us to design and produce a fully automatic coffee filling line according to their factory layout, to replace the old equipment, so as to improve the work efficiency of the production line.

Brazil Customer Order Coffee Stick Pack Machine

The Brazil customer ordered a multi-lane packaging machine and a cartoning machine to realize the packaging method of 10 packs per box. Higher degree of automation and higher output.

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