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The vegetable packaging solutions are a set of customized packaging equipment designed to improve the efficiency and accuracy of vegetable packaging. The packaging solution uses advanced machine vision technology and robotic arms to identify and pack different kinds of vegetables.


The vegetable packaging solutions we provide are efficient, accurate and reliable. It can greatly reduce packaging time, improve production efficiency, and reduce the occurrence of human error. In addition, this solution can also reduce the loss of vegetables and ensure that the quantity and weight of vegetables in each packaging container are consistent.


The automated vegetable packaging solution is an important technology that can bring revolutionary changes to the vegetable packaging industry, improve production efficiency and quality, and at the same time reduce dependence on human resources and save costs for enterprises.

Application · Professional

Our company can provide packaging solutions for different kinds of leafy vegetable, root vegetable, chopped vegetable, dried vegetables and frozen vegetable. Such as salad, radish, lettuce, onion, garlic, pepper, etc. According to the characteristics and packaging requirements of different vegetables, we will customize different vegetable packaging ideas. The common packaging methods are as follows:

Customer case · Trust

American Customer Lettuce Packaging Solution

The lettuce packaging solution customized for American customers includes weighing, packaging, and labeling, and only one person is required to operate the whole process. Effectively helped customers solve the problem of labor shortage.

Cucumber Packaging Solution for Mexican Customer

The cucumber packaging equipment chosen by this customer belongs to heat shrink packaging, which is used to pack two cucumbers together for promotional sales. And without damaging the cucumbers.

Garlic Filling Equipment for Iran Customer

The packaging solution customized for this customer is to fill the peeled garlic into bottles. In order to achieve accurate weighing without damaging the garlic, we use multi-head weigher for weighing.

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