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We are a professional supplier of packaging technology for the biscuit and other bakery food. The portfolio includes stand-alone machines and complete system solutions for the primary and secondary packaging of bakery food such as bars, biscuits, cookies, etc.

With our proven and reliable packaging solutions, your biscuit products will live up to today’s customer expectations and have an overall improved quality with a fresher taste and smell.

Application · Professional

For biscuit packaging, there are several common packaging methods.

Customer case · Trust

Sri Lanka Biscuit Packaging Project

Using multi-piece packaging. According to the customer’s packaging requirements, our engineers have customized a fully automatic sorting line and two flow wrap machines for them.

USA Biscuit Packaging Project

This is a customized packing solution for large cookies, suitable for the packaging of a single cookie.

Pakistan Biscuit Packing Project

A local food factory expanded its output, need a faster machines to meet current production needs.

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