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Medication packaging plays a crucial role in ensuring that medicines are delivered safely and effectively to patients. In recent years, there have been significant advancements in the development of innovative medication packaging solutions that are designed to improve patient adherence, safety, and convenience.


Advantages of Medication Packaging:

Improved safety and accuracy. By using special packaging, such as blister packs or unit dose packaging, medication errors can be reduced. These types of packaging help to ensure that the correct medication is being given to the correct patient, in the correct dose, at the correct time.

Increased convenience. Medication packaging can also increase convenience for patients. Easy to carry and take.

Reduced waste. For example, some types of packaging, such as multi-dose vials or ampoules, can be used to administer medication to multiple patients. This reduces the amount of packaging waste generated and can also help to reduce the cost of medication.

Application · Professional

There are different pharmaceutical packaging types used to achieve the packaging of different types of pharmaceuticals. For example, liquid pharmaceuticals are usually packaged in bottles, and some are also packaged in small sachet, and powdered pharmaceuticals are packaged in sachet. Granular medicines are bottled or blister-packed. We will customize the packaging solution according to the actual characteristics of the medication.

Customer case · Trust

Customize Syrup Filling Line for Chinese Customer

Our customized liquid filling line for Chinese customers is used to filling cough syrup

Small Dose Powder Packaging for Indonesia Customers

The multilane packaging machine ordered by Indonesian customers is used to realize the small-dose packaging of nutrition powder

American Customer Customized Pill Filling Line

A pill filling line customized for a US customer is used for counting and filling tablets.

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