Ultrasonic Sealing Drip Coffee Bag Packaging Machine

  • Packing Range: 1-15g/bag
  • Application: coffee, tea, etc.
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  • Phone/whatsapp: 0086-15515573212

Hanging Ear Drip Coffee Bag Packing Machine Application:

This machine is suitable for one-time packaging of small particles or powder materials such as tea, herbal tea, coffee, etc. inside and outside bags.


Drip Coffee Bag Packaging Machine Features:

1. Ultrasonic sealing and cutting make it possible to produce coffee pods that stand out and have a beautiful appearance.

2. The outer sealing paper is controlled by a stepping motor, the bag length is stable and the positioning is accurate.

3. The drip coffee bag packaging machine uses PID to adjust the temperature controller, the temperature control is more accurate.

4. Using PLC to control the movement of the whole machine, man-machine interface display, easy to operate.

5. All parts that can touch materials are made of SUS304 stainless steel to ensure the sanitation and reliability of the product.

6. Part of the working cylinder adopts original imported parts to ensure its working accuracy and stability.

7. The additional device of this machine can complete the functions of flat cutting, date printing, easy tearing, etc.

8. Packaging materials: hanging ear coffee filter paper, aluminized composite film. The size of the inner and outer bags can be adjusted according to the different needs of users in order to achieve the ideal packaging effect.

 Drip coffee bag packing machine factory

Hanging Ear Drip Coffee Bag Packaging Machine Function:

1. Measuring cup measurement, there is a lack of material alarm.

2. Barrel material with stirring function.

3. Perfect alarm function.

4. The outer bag seal of hanging ear coffee can be made of kraft paper composite film.

5. Perfect alarm function.

6. It can be attached with outer bag coding system.


In addition, according to production needs, we can configure feeding devices, cartoning devices, cellophane packaging and other equipment for customers to form a fully automatic drip coffee packaging line to improve packaging efficiency and reduce labor costs in the factory.

Technical Data
Sealing TypeThree Sides Seal
Packing Range1-15g/bag
Inner Bag SizeL: 50-75mm; W: 50-75mm (Special size can customize)
Outer Bag SizeL: 85-120mm; W: 75-95mm (Special size can customize)
Label SizeL*W: 25*25 (Special size can customize)
Voltage220V, 50Hz, Single phase
Total Power3.7Kw
Heating DeviceUp vertical sealing heating tube(inner) 110V 350W 2pcs;
Up cross sealing heating tube(inner) 110V 350W 2pcs;
Label heating tube: 110V 100W, 2pcs;
Down vertical sealing heating tube(outer) 110V 350W 2pcs;
Down cross sealing heating tube(outer) 110V 350w 2pcs.
Dimension1050*700*1300(L*W*H mm)

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