Servo Horizontal Packaging Machine-Flow Wrapping Machine

  • Application: bakery, vegetable, fruit, toy,etc.
  • Packaging speed: 40-230bags/min
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Bag size: adjustable

The automatic high-speed horizontal packaging machine adopts servo motor drive and reciprocating knife seal design. Excellent organizations such as high-sensitivity optical color mark tracking system software ensure the quality and safety factor of product packaging design, and improve packaging efficiency. Using this equipment saves more than 30% of the cost compared with manual packaging, and can be produced in conjunction with equipment such as blister packaging machines.

Flow Wrapping Machine Main Purpose:

① Pharmaceuticals, food, daily chemicals, skin care products, electronic devices and other fields.

② Packaging of cookies, instant noodles, candy, pastries, bread, soap and other small pieces.

③ It is suitable for the packaging of solid products with standard shapes such as wafers, spheres, ovals, cylinders, and squares.

flow wrapping machine application

Flow Wrapping Machine Features:

☺ Servo frequency conversion control, the bag length can be set and cut immediately, no need to adjust the idling, saving time and film.

☺ Brand new design, luxurious and beautiful, easy to operate.

☺ Anti-air bag function, automatic shutdown when material is short of material, automatic feeding of material when pushing material, no empty bag, no waste of packaging film.

☺ Built-in temperature control module, temperature independent PID control, accurate temperature control, better suitable for various packaging materials.

☺ The horizontal packaging machine has a simple structure, more reliable work and more convenient maintenance.

Types of Horizontal Packaging Machine:

types of horizontal packing machine

Flow Wrapping Machine Working Video:

Technical Data
Film widthMax 320mmMax 400mmMax 600mm
Bag width50-160mm50-180mm50-280mm
Product heightMax 45mmMax 45mmMax 80mm
Film diameter320mm320mm320mm
packing speed40-230bags/min40-230bags/min40-230bags/min
Machine size3370*720*1450mm4020*770*1450mm4020*1000*1470mm

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