Automatic Pre-made Pouch Filling and Sealing Machine

  • Application: powder, liquid, particles
  • Types of bag: zipper pouch, spout pouch, 3 side seal, 4 side seal, etc
  • Filling range: 10-2500g
  • Packing speed: 20-40bags/min

Automatic Pouch Filling and Sealing Machine Application:

The pre-made pouch bagger is matched with different measuring devices (such as multihead weigher, screw scales, etc.), which can be used for automatic measuring and bagging of granules, powders, liquids, sauces and other materials.


Working Flow:

giving bag-coding-opening bag-filling one-filling two-heating sealing one-heating sealing two-porming and output product

pouch filling machine working flow 

Pouch Filling and Sealing Machine Performance Characteristics:

# Easy to operate: PLC control, man-machine interface.

# Frequency conversion speed regulation: using frequency conversion adjustment device, the speed can be adjusted at will within the specified range.

# Convenient adjustment of bag width: controlled by motor, 8 groups of clamps can be adjusted synchronously with just one button.

# Zipper opening mechanism: designed for the characteristics of the zipper pocket, with a high rate of opening the bag (invention patent).

# Adopt oil-free vacuum pump to avoid pollution of production environment.

# The parts in contact with the material are made of 304 stainless steel, which conforms to food hygiene standards.

 premade pouch bagger

Pre-made Pouch Bagger Safety Devices:

1. No bag or incomplete open bag, no feeding.

2. No bags or additives, no sealing.

3. Door open stop alarm (optional).

4. When there is no ribbon, it will stop and alarm.

5. When the air pressure is insufficient, the alarm prompts.

6. When the sealing temperature is abnormal, the alarm prompts.


Types of Pouch Filling and Sealing Machine:

For powder:

Powder packaging machine includes screw scale, screw feeder, vacuum cleaner and packaging machine. It can be used for the packaging of protein powder, coffee powder, meal replacement powder, banana powder and other powder products.

powder packing machine 

For liquid:

The liquid packaging machine includes a hopper (with stirring function), a pump, and a packaging machine. It can be used for the packaging of liquid and paste products such as juice, jam, ketchup, chocolate sauce, chili sauce, etc.

 liquid packing machine

For particle:

The particle packaging machine includes a multi-head weigher, a supporting platform, a z-type elevator, and a packaging machine. It can be used for weighing and packaging of granular products such as nuts, frozen products, dried fruits, cereals, and grain.

particles packing machine

Technical Data
Packing Speed(bags/min)20-40
Bag Size(mm)W:120-210mm   L:150-400mm
Bag TypesAll kinds of compound bags, such as flat bag, 3-side sealing bag, 4-side sealing bag, zipper bag, stand up bag, etc
Filling Range10-2500g
Total Power4.75KW
Overall Dimensions(mm)1800*1700*1500mm

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