Automatic Bottle Capping Machine Simple Operate

  • Application: Jars, PET bottles, Glass bottles
  • Packing size: adjustable
  • Speed: 40-100 bottles/min
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This bottle capping machine is developed by our company with the introduction of advanced high-speed cap rubbing principles and technologies combined with years of production experience. It adopts rubbing screw capping technology. When capping, the rubbing capping wheels with opposite rotation directions are clamped on both sides of the bottle cap and quickly tightened to the bottle mouth. The adoption of this technology avoids the drawbacks of the traditional claw-type screw cap, such as damaging the cap.


The automatic capping machine integrates automatic cap unscrambling, capping and automatic cap screwing. It has a high degree of automation and stable and reliable operation. The applicable bottle shapes include round bottles, square bottles, etc. With strong applicability, it is an ideal automatic capping equipment for screw caps. The bottle capping machine is widely used in food, medicine, chemical industry and other fields.

Automatic Capping Machine Features:

1. The main components and shell of the equipment are made of high-quality stainless steel, with beautiful appearance, easy to clean, and meet food hygiene requirements.

2. PLC control system, frequency conversion speed regulation, stable and reliable screw cap.

3. Touch panel, simple setting, beautiful and practical.

4. The main electrical components of the bottle capping machine adopt well-known products such as Japan's Omron, and the equipment operates stably and reliably.

5. The cap unscrambling mechanism is equipped with a photoelectric sensor safety protection device, which can control the cap unscrambling mechanism to realize the automatic protection function of "starting without a cap and feeding the cap, and shutting down with a full cap without feeding the cap", which enhances the operation stability and reliability of the equipment.

6. The capping speed is fast, compared with the usual claw-type capping machine, the capping speed of this machine can be increased by 3-4 times, and it can effectively prevent the bottle cap from being damaged and other problems.

7. Just adjust the timing belt, the spacing of the capping wheels and the height of the rack to adapt to bottles of various specifications (within the scope of application).

automatic capping machine details

Bottle Capping Machine Application:

The automatic capping machine can be used as a stand-alone machine, or it can be matched with filling, sealing, labeling and other equipment to form an automatic packaging line.

bottle capping machine

Technical Data
Voltage(V/Hz)AC 220/50
Max size of bottle140mm
Min Size of bottle35mm
Max size of cap150mm
Min Size of cap20mm
Max height of bottle330mm
Min height of bottle80mm
Size (mm)2000*870*1500

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