Digital Control Granule Particle Weighing Filling Machine

  • Application: grain, nuts, pill, pet food, etc
  • Container: PET bottles, glass bottles, cans, etc.
  • Function: filling, capping, labeling
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This digital control particle filling machine is suitable for filling various granular products, such as quantitative weighing filling of sugar, tea, oatmeal, nuts, grains and other granular materials. The machine can be used online with multiple equipment such as automatic feeding machine, chain plate conveying machine, automatic can sealing machine, labeling machine, coding machine, etc., to form an automated particle filling line. Users can choose one or more combinations according to actual production needs.

Advantages of Particle Filling Machine Packaging Effect:

1. Filling in plastic bottles, cans, iron cans, glass bottles and other packaging containers is conducive to moisture-proof and heat-insulated products, light-proof and anti-oxidation, and further improves the storage environment of products to avoid product contamination.

2. Effectively maintain the shape and luster of the product, with outstanding protection function and strong impact resistance.

3. It is convenient and quick to eat, and can be used many times. The packaging of the canned product is exquisite and beautiful, which endows the product with added value, effectively improves the product grade, and attracts users to consume.


The granule filling machine can form a fully automatic filling line with other equipment:

sorting→filling→Chain conveyor→automatic feeding→Quantitative filling→Delivery positioning→capping→sealing→labeling→dating→finished

 particle filling line

Granule Filling Line Features:

1. The digital control particle filling machine is controlled by PLC program, two-head scale, four-head scale, multi-head combination scale for measurement, high-precision photoelectric automatic positioning system, touch screen display, etc., to ensure measurement accuracy and improve packaging efficiency.

2. The particle filling line can realize automatic bottle unscrambling, feeding, weighing, filling, sealing, labeling, coding and other processes. Users can choose semi-automatic filling line or full-automatic filling line according to the automation degree of filling requirements, and the assembly combination is flexible.

3. The human-machine interface can directly set the filling volume, capping speed, filling speed, production counting and other functions. The entire granule filling line realizes joint control and linkage, with strong production capacity and high filling efficiency. It effectively solves the problem of high labor cost and avoids filling problems such as large differences in manual operation and low efficiency.

The parts in contact with the material are made of 304 stainless steel, which is clean and hygienic and meets the hygienic quality standards of food and drugs.

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