Industrial Automatic Bottle Labeling Machine for Sale

  • Speed: 0-200 PCS/min
  • Bottle height:25-300mm
  • Bottle diameter:Ф 20 - Ф 100mm
  • Whatsapp: 0086-15515573212

This automatic bottle labeling machine is designed to achieve rationalized production goals. The labeling process is automated, with simple operation, fast production speed, uniform labeling position, beautiful and neat. The industrial bottle labeling machine is suitable for labeling round containers in pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries.


Automatic Bottle Labeling Machine Working Principle:

Put the bottle into the conveyor belt of the labeling machine, and the conveyor belt drives the bottle into the bottle separation area, and the conveyor mechanism continues to move. After the bottle is detected by the optical fiber, the photoelectric signal is transmitted to the PLC, and the output signal is output to the stepping motor after being processed by the PLC. The label is output by the stepping motor, and the label is attached to the bottle by the rolling mechanism. Labeled bottles enter the next process by the conveyor belt of the labeling machine.

Industrial Bottle Labeling Machine Features:

1. The overall material of the equipment is stainless steel and aluminum alloy, with stable design, convenient operation and elegant layout.

2. Using well-known electrical components, the quality is stable.

3. Apply transparent labels without blistering and wrinkling.

4. The labeling mechanism is driven by a high-speed servo motor to make the label adhere more firmly.

5. High-speed labeling engine configuration, the labeling speed can reach 120 m/min.

6. Labeling engine set with pre-labeling structure.

7. Equipped with bottle splitting screw structure, bottle splitting is stable.

8. The automatic bottle labeling machine is equipped with a material blocking stop function to prolong the service life of machine parts.

Bottle labeling machine manufacturer

Technical Data

Poster speed

0-200 PCS/min

Bottle diameter

Ф 20 - Ф 100mm

Bottle Height


Label size wide


Label size length


Labeling precision

+1mm(depending on the bottle degree, perpendicular round)

Labeling Maximum diameter

Ф 300mm

Power supply

AC110V/220V 500W

Machine size




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