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The rotary bottle unscrambler is made of high-quality stainless steel. It is mainly used for unscrambling of various bottles before filling. The equipment automatically rotates the unscrambler, and the bottle is transported into the filling equipment to improve the efficiency and stability of manual bottle delivery.

The rotary bottle unscrambler adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, driven by the reducer, and the working table rotates, so that the bottles automatically enter the conveying chain, and are matched with the packaging line to achieve the purpose of saving labor and improving work efficiency. The structure of this equipment is simple, and it is common for all kinds of bottles (no need to replace parts, just adjust). It is an ideal packaging auxiliary equipment.


Rotary Bottle Unscrambler Constitute:

The bottle sorting machine is mainly composed of stainless steel frame, rotary table, bottle in and out track, motor and electric control switch. Can be matched with different equipment to form a filling line.

powder filling lineliquid filliing  line


Bottle Sorting Machine Work Process:

After the equipment is powered on, start the switch, manually put the empty bottle upright on the bottle feeding table, and manually push the rotary table. The bottles will rotate with the centrifugal force of the rotary table, and the bottles near the edge of the disc will be transferred into and out of the bottle track, which can be connected to the bottle washing and filling equipment through conveying.



Automatic conveying of glass or plastic bottles in food, agrochemical, daily chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries.


Bottle Sorting Machine Advantages:

1. Reduce labor and improve production efficiency.

2. Widely used in bottles of different sizes and materials.


Rotary Bottle Unscrambler Features:

1. One button design, the bottle feeder is easy to operate.

2. The speed is adjustable to meet the production requirements of different customers.

3. Rotating motion, feeding bottles one by one.

4. Made of SUS304 stainless steel that meets GMP standards.

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