Conveyor Belt Metal Detector for Industrial Use

  • Application: food, medicine, toys, clothing, etc
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The metal detector for industrial use adopts double-loop circuit design, 7-inch ultra-full color wave crystal touch screen, which is more convenient and intuitive to operate. This conveyor belt metal detector can detect iron and non-ferrous metals, with adjustable sensitivity and memory function. The parameters of 100 kinds of detection products can be preset, breaking through the technical bottleneck that most equipment is only sensitive to magnetic substances. The detection machine adopts sound and light alarm, and it will automatically stop at the same time, or the alarm will not stop. Therefore, it is widely used in metal detection in objects with high requirements such as food, medicine, toys, and chemical industry.


Features of Metal Detector for Industrial Use:

1. Intelligent identification technology: Adopting intelligent identification technology, it has self-learning and memory functions, and can automatically recognize and memorize the characteristics of products.

2. Original chip: The metal detector machine is carefully developed with professional digital technology and original chip, which has the characteristics of high detection accuracy, stable performance, and strong ability to resist external interference.

3. Smart touch screen, easy to operate: using a conversational LCD screen, the parameters can be quickly and conveniently set through the simple key control interface, and a high detection accuracy can be guaranteed after one setting without readjusting the setting procedure.


Industrial Use Metal Detector Application:

The machine is used for all kinds of metal impurities mixed in the production process of food, medicine, aquatic products, toys, clothing and other industries.

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