Check Weighing Machines-Bags, Packages, Bottles

  • Accuracy: ±0.1g
  • Maximum speed: 70m/min
  • Maximum efficiency: 250pcs/min
  • Whatsapp: 0086-15515573212

Why Use a Check Weighing Machine?

For producers, overweight products should be avoided as far as possible to ensure profits, and corresponding regulations should also be followed.

1. Protection of brand and reputation

2. Protection of interests of customers and consumers

3. Protection of self-interest


Weighing Checker Machine Features:

1. Professional human-computer interaction interface design, touch-type human-computer interface, intelligent control, intuitive and convenient viewing operation, simple operation mode.

2. Configure 7-inch LCD liquid crystal display.

3. Meet 100 kinds of product database.

4. Automatic dynamic zero-point tracking technology to ensure the detection accuracy of aquatic products when the weight of the scale changes.

5. After detecting the state of the empty weighing platform, send a clear command to clear directly.

6. When there is a deviation between the static weight and the dynamic weighing, the dynamic calibration function can directly correct the dynamic weighing deviation.


Where to Use The Check Weighing Machine:

1. Before packaging: Individual inspection before packaging, and front-end equipment can also be monitored. For example: check weighing machines can feed back signals to filling machines to maintain consistency or control waste.

2. Individual packaging: the weighing checker machine can check the net content or integrity of the small bag products.

3. Secondary Packaging: Make sure that all packets are included in the final box and there are no missing parts.

4. After the whole box is packed: the whole box is inspected to ensure that the whole box of products with unqualified weight is removed before delivery.

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