Fresh Cut Vegetable Packing Machine Line- Full Automatic

Cut Vegetable Packing Line

In order to facilitate the consumption of consumers, many vegetable processing manufacturers will chop the vegetables and package them before selling them in the market. This form is not only conducive to the transportation of vegetables, but also saves time for consumers.


A cut vegetable packing line is an industrial system used for processing and packaging pre-cut vegetables. It is designed to increase efficiency, reduce labor costs, and improve food safety by automating the cutting, washing, and packing process.


Once the vegetables are cut, they are transported to the sorting machine, which removes any remaining debris or imperfect pieces. The sorted vegetables are then transferred to the cut vegetable packing machine, where they are packaged in bags, trays, or containers.


The cut vegetable packing machine can be configured to package the vegetables in various formats, such as bulk bags, portion packs, or retail packs. The machine can also add labels, barcodes, and other information to the packaging, making it easy to identify and track the product.


The main advantages of a cut vegetable packing line is its ability to increase efficiency and reduce labor costs. By automating the cutting, washing, and packing process, the line can process large quantities of vegetables quickly and accurately, reducing the need for manual labor. This also improves food safety by reducing the risk of contamination from human handling.

Packaging Samples
  • According to the requirements of different vegetable processors, different packaging methods can be realized. Such as single cut vegetable packaging, mixed cut vegetable packaging. And you can use different bag types to achieve diversified packaging.
Processing flow
  • We have provided customized vegetable packaging lines for many vegetable processing factories from all over the world, and solved the problems encountered in production and packaging for many customers. Below are a few of our customers.
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