Pillow Bag Biscuit Packing Machine Line

Pillow Bag Biscuit Packing Machine Line

This multi pack biscuit packing machine is mainly used to pack bulk biscuits into pillow bags after weighing. Can be used for the packaging of many types of biscuits, such as cookies, crispy biscuits, cracker, wafer biscuit, etc. The front end of the pillow bag packaging machine can be connected to the biscuit production line, and the rear end can be connected to the boxing equipment to form an automated biscuit packaging line.


In order to achieve accurate weighing, the weighing equipment in this solution uses a multi-head combination weigher for weighing.

1. High-speed, high-precision: high-precision digital sensors are adopted, with fast sampling speed and high precision.

2. Can be reset manually or automatically, and dynamic zero tracking.

3. The latest optimized sampling algorithm to improve weighing accuracy.

4. Multi-time collection hopper discharge, effectively solve the blocking material.

5. Intelligent fault detection and error reporting, precise positioning and problem solving.

6. Combination of weighing and counting functions to improve counting accuracy.

Packaging Samples
  • According to the packaging requirements of different users, the packaging results of different types of biscuits and different weights can be achieved by adjusting the parameter settings of the pillow bag packaging machine.
Processing flow
Main Machines
  • In the process of pillow bag biscuit packaging, the two most important equipment are multi-head weigher and vertical packaging machines. However, according to market sales requirements, we usually recommend customers to add weight detection equipment and metal detection equipment. So as to achieve better packaging effect and safety.
  • We have provided pillow bag biscuit packaging solutions for many biscuit manufacturers, and designed them according to the layout of their factories.
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