Automatic Heat Shrink Wrapping Machine with Shrink Tunnel

  • Application: boxes, bottles, soap, books, mosquito coil, etc.
  • Packaging speed: 0-25 pcs/min
  • Material: carbon steel
  • Packing material: POF, PE and PVC

Automatic Shrink Wrap Machine Application:

This heat shrink wrapping machine is widely used in the assembly line of mass production packaging, with high work efficiency. The automatic film feeding and punching device, the manually adjusted film guiding system and the manually adjusted feeding and conveying platform are suitable for products of different widths and heights. It is used in shrink packaging of large-scale products such as food, medicine, beverages, cosmetics, and electronics, etc.

 shrink wrap machine application

Automatic Shrink Wrap Machine Structure:

Control panel: Using "OMRON" digital temperature controller, the temperature control of the sealing and cutting knife is extremely sensitive and precise and can be set at will.

Sealing and cutting part: The sealing and cutting knife adopts Teflon coating, which is anti-sticking and high-temperature resistant integrated knife, and the sealing will not crack or coking. It also has an automatic anti-cutting protection function to effectively prevent miscutting of packaging.

Photoelectric detection part: It adopts two sets of photoelectricity, up and down, left and right, and the light spot can be switched according to the different packaging parts.

Punching device: Multi-directional punching device is adopted, according to different products, the punching position can be adjusted arbitrarily, and the adjustment is convenient.

Waste collection device: The waste collection device is easy to disassemble, saving time.

Shrink tunnel: constant temperature control, with visual window.

shrink wrap machine factory


Heat Shrink Wrapping Machine Features:

1. Fully enclosed packaging.

2. Automatic film feeding, sealing and cutting, waste collection, leveling, shrinking, and packaging finished products are completed at one time.

3. Thermostatic special-grade aluminum alloy sealing and cutting knife, anti-sticking, thin sealing line, no coking, no smoke, zero pollution.

4. The cutter will automatically rebound after cutting the package.

5. Any product can be replaced within the packaging range without changing the mold of the heat shrink wrapping machine.

6. The conveyor belts are all covered with PTFE heat insulation tubes, which are not hot to the touch and do not damage the packaging film.

Other Options:

According to the packaging requirements of different products, the srhink tunnel can be used with different machines. For example, the horizontal packaging machine + shrink tunnel structure below.

 horizontal shrink wrap machine

Since different products and packaging materials have different requirements for the machine, pay attention to the following when purchasing a automatic shrink wrap machine:

1. Determine the form of the packaging material.

2. Determine the project size. The size of the shrink tunnel depends on the model of the machine, so determine the product size before choosing a machine.

3. Confirm the shrinkage effect. Check whether the effect is ideal by testing.

4. Determine which wrapping film to use. There are generally three types of packaging films: POF, PE and PVC. Generally speaking, PE film is thick and used for beverages. POF and PVC are commonly used in cosmetics, gift boxes, mobile phone cases and other items.

Technical Data
Voltage220V 50/60HZ380V 50HZ/60HZ
Sealing time0.2-1.0s
Thickness of film0.012-0.06mm
Compressor of work5-6mpa/
Max packing sizeL+2H≤550mm;W+2H≤450mm;H ≤140mmW450×H200
Max sealing sizeL550×W450Loading weight: 10kg
Capacity0-25 pcs/min0-10 m/min
Sealing temperature180℃—250℃ depends on thickness of film and environment temperature
Packing materialPOF PVC
Machine weight(kg)320180
Machine size(mm)1760*940*1580External L1600*W720*H1445

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