Inner and Outer Bag Automatic Drip Coffee Packaging Machine

Inner and Outer Bag Automatic Drip Coffee Packaging Machine

The automatic drip coffee packaging machine has the function of making inner bags and outer bags, and can add automatic feeding, boxing and other devices to form an automated drip bag coffee packaging system. This drip coffee bag packaging machine mainly realizes the packaging style of 1-15g/bag, and customized type can also be selected according to the packaging requirements of different customers.


1. Chinese and English display control system, the main body of the chassis is painted, and the PID intelligent temperature control instrument is simple and convenient to operate.

2. The inner and outer bags are packaged together, which takes up little space, and the inner bag can be produced separately.

3. The automatic drip coffee packaging machine imported photoelectric control, servo clamping system, precise control of the length of the bag; the inner bag is sealed with ultrasonic waves, and the outer bag is heat-sealed and formed in one piece.

4. The silo supports the addition of a vacuum feeding module for automatic feeding and refilling; the silo is treated with Teflon anti-sticking treatment, which perfectly solves the problem of coffee powder sticking to the machine.

5. SMC imported cylinder, stable operation and longer service life.

Packaging Samples
  • Due to the different production needs of each manufacturer, we can meet the packaging requirements of different grammes, as well as the packaging form of drip coffee inner bag + outer bag. The packing speed can be adjusted according to the actual packing
Processing flow
Main Machines
  • The main equipment of the drip coffee packaging system is the drip coffee packaging machine, cartoning machine and so on. The actual equipment configuration needs to be determined according to the factory's requirements for production automation and the layout of the factory. If the automation requirements are high, other equipment will be configured to assist in the packaging.
  • There are various packaging methods for coffee, and we have also customized different coffee packaging solutions for customers from Saudi Arabia, the United States, Canada, Brazil and other countries.
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