Coffee Stick Pack Packing Machine Line

Coffee Stick Pack Packing Machine Line

The coffee packing line is used to realize small dose packaging of coffee. You can choose 3-side seal, 4-side seal, back seal, etc. for the bag type. The coffee bag size and packing weight can be adjusted according to the actual requirements of customers. The packing line can also realize the packaging of special-shaped bags. The core equipment of this coffee packing line is a multi-lane coffee stick pack packing machine, which has the following characteristics:


1. There is no waste in packaging materials, reducing the waste of coils and reducing production costs.

2. The number of qualified products per shift and the total output of the shift are intuitively displayed on the touch screen.

3. New design, the part in contact with the material is made of stainless steel 304 material.

4. The stick pack packing machine is equipped with a cursor alignment device to ensure that the pattern on the packaging bag is stable at the set position.

5. Taking into account the characteristics of coffee and weighing accuracy, the measurement method adopts the screw measurement method, which is convenient and accurate.

6. The machine can be equipped with a dust absorption device to ensure a clean packaging environment and also ensure the sealing effect of the bag.

7. The machine can print the production batch number and date on the external color tape, and the length of the packaging bag can be adjusted online through the touch screen.

8. When the packaging film is used up, it will automatically stop and give an alarm (the reason for the alarm will be displayed on the touch screen).

9. PLC automatic control, touch screen operation, and humanized control interface make operation and parameter setting simple and fast, and have error prompt and self-diagnosis functions.

Packaging Samples
  • For many coffee producers, different packaging methods can meet the needs of different customers and attract more customers to buy. This coffee packing line can realize multiple packaging methods.
Processing flow
  • Our company has provided coffee packaging solutions to many companies from all over the world, helping them solve various problems encountered in the coffee packaging process and helping them save coffee packaging costs.
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