Flow Wrap Biscuit Packaging Line

Flow Wrap Biscuit Packaging Line


This packaging line uses innovative technology to achieve primary packaging and secondary packaging at the same time. The primary packaging is usually plastic film packaging, and the secondary packaging is usually pack film wrapped biscuits into carton. According to the actual packaging needs, you can choose primary packaging only or choose both. 

biscuit-packing-factory.jpg 1.Material sorting and packaging capacity: 80~230 packages/minute (subject to the product and packaging material).

2. Automatically sorting and packing. No person contacts the biscuit during the packaging process, to reduce secondary pollution and satisfy food sanitation requirements.

3. The front conveyor belt of this packaging line can be connected with the front-end production line, for full-automatic continuous feeding and packing.

4. The line can be customized according to the user’s individual requirements.

Packaging Samples
  • For many food companies, they will produce different products to expand the market share, so when choosing a packaging machine, they hope that the machine has versatility. The packaging line can well meet the needs of customers. By adjusting the parameter
Processing flow
Main Machines
  • In this packaging process, two machines are the most important, one is a horizontal packaging machine, responsible for completing the film packaging process; The other is a cartoning machine, responsible for completing the cartoning process. Both of these machines are fully automatic.
  • According to customer needs, we have customized biscuit packaging lines for customers from different countries. To help customers improve packaging speed, reduce labor costs, and obtain more profits.
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