Pyramid Tea Bag Packaging Solution

Pyramid Tea Bag Packaging Solution

The pyramid tea bag is a new type of tea packaging, which can make the tea stretch more fully and distribute the fragrance more effectively. The packaging solution includes primary packaging and secondary and tertiary packaging of tea. The main steps include: Pack tea into pyramid nylon bag- pack pyramid tea bag into outer bag-put tea bag into box- wrap box with BOPP film. Each machine in the pyramid tea bag packaging solution can be used independently, and can be used together to realize the fully automatic packaging of tea, saving more labor for the factory.


The core equipment of this pyramid tea bag packaging solution is the pyramid tea bag packaging machine:

1. The tea bag is ultrasonically sealed and cut, the bag shape is beautiful and the seal is firm, and the brewing space is larger.

2. The packaging weight can be adjusted at will to facilitate the replacement of packaging materials.

3. PLC programmable control, touch screen operation, more stable performance, easier operation.

4. SMC pneumatic components, Schneider low-voltage electrical accessories, prolong the service life of the machine.

5. Combined with electrical integration, no need to stop/shut down for data replacement.

6. Using high-precision electronic sensor measurement to make the packaging accuracy more accurate.

7. Packing capacity: 25-40 bags/min.

8. String-label pyramid tea bags and no string-label pyramid tea bags can be realized only by changing the packaging materials.

Packaging Samples
  • According to the development needs of different enterprises, we can adjust the tea packaging solutions, so as to realize the packaging of tea, herbal tea, scented tea, fruit tea and mixed tea.
Processing flow
  • We have provided tea packing solutions for many tea processing companies from all over the world, such as Dilmah Tea and Samley Teas in Sri Lanka, Kazi & Kazi Tea in Bangladesh, Nokchawon in Korea.
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