Round Shape Tea Bag Packing Line

Round Shape Tea Bag Packing Line

The round shape tea bag packing line is a fully automatic packaging line. The whole process includes weighing, filling, making inner bag, making outer bag and other steps. The whole process is automatically completed by the machine, and only manual operation is required. Save labor, increase production efficiency, and improve the packaging environment. This tea packing line can also be used for coffee packaging. The main equipment of this packaging line is the round shape ta bag packing machine, which has the following characteristics:


1. It can automatically complete the functions of bag making, measuring, cutting, sealing, counting and so on.

2. Touch screen operation, PLC control, drive stepper motor to control bag length, stable performance, convenient adjustment, accurate detection.

3. Packaging material: tea filter paper, etc.

4. Sealing method: heat-sealing mold pressing

5. Measurement range: 1-5g (2-10ml)

6. Packing speed: 10-40 packs/min. The actual output can be customized according to the customer's packaging material and packaging speed requirements.

Packaging Samples
  • According to the packaging requirements of the enterprise, the requirements of the degree of automation and the layout of the factory, we will provide different packaging solutions. The equipment can be applied to the packaging of tea powder, coffee and o
Processing flow
Main Machines
  • The main equipment in this packing line are round tea bag packing machine, cartoning machine, cellophane packaging machine and so on. Each machine can be sold separately or used in conjunction with other equipment. Each machine has multiple models, and according to different production requirements, different models can be selected to achieve packaging.
  • We have provided automatic packing line for many tea processing companies from all over the world, such as Dilmah Tea and Samley Teas in Sri Lanka, Kazi & Kazi Tea in Bangladesh, Nokchawon in Korea.
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